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Larry’s years of experience as a psychoanalyst and itinerant martial artist shape the philosophy he uses to guide K2 and its clients, especially when it comes to creating targeted, appealing messages. He’s a proud, active father to his three sons and self-described hack guitarist. Larry holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and social work from Adelphi University and an MSW from New York University, with additional postgraduate training in psychoanalysis and supervision.
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Strategies for International Marketing Success

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Jul 1, 2024 3:04:00 PM

Keep your edge and grow with targeted strategies and tactics. The key is to adapt what works at home and translate it into international marketing success.

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Topics: International Marketing

Going Global? Check These Five Marketing Must-Dos

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Jun 24, 2024 12:20:44 PM

Successful international marketing requires more than cloning your domestic marketing efforts

If you think it’s time to break into new markets, don’t just plan to clone your domestic marketing efforts. The strategy and messages that may resonate with home-country audiences may not work in foreign business landscapes. Before you start your global expansion plans, check these five marketing tactics:

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Topics: International Marketing

B2B Marketing: Don’t Confuse Strategy with Tactics

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on May 9, 2024 6:18:00 PM

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Topics: Marketing, Persona, Brand, Customer communications, Audience, Sales, Planning, Marketing strategy, Tactics

B2B Buyers Have Changed. Have Your Marketing Tactics?

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Apr 25, 2024 6:20:00 PM

Marketing and selling to B2B customers used to be a lot easier, straightforward, and predictable. As marketers and salespeople, you were in charge.

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Topics: Marketing, Sales, Client relations, B2B, Marketing strategy, Tactics, Buyer's journey, Sales funnel

Craft B2B Messaging Your Audiences Really Want to Hear

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Apr 10, 2024 1:45:00 PM


Understanding the role of market research and up-to-date intelligence

An article on 31 product launch statistics for 2022 revealed this nugget from a Harvard Business School professor: about 30,000 new products are launched each year, and about 95 percent of these will probably fail.

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Topics: Market research, Customer communications, Message, Messaging, B2B, Marketing strategy

The Real Need for Messaging as a Service (MaaS)

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Apr 8, 2024 11:17:00 AM

Hmmm…should this be a blog or rant?

We’re constantly amazed at the number of companies who’ve been around for years and don’t have a cohesive messaging document (MD).

While I understand the aversion – MDs are difficult to execute, with various stakeholders within the company trying to get their voices heard – a well-conceived MD creates a virtual paint-by-numbers scenario, where all of your USPs are well defined for audiences across the purchasing chain, smoothing the account-based marketing process.

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Topics: Marketing, Brand, Customer communications, Message, Messaging, Corporate communications, Client relations, Integrated marketing

Eight B2B Messaging Fails - and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Apr 3, 2024 6:03:00 PM

B2B messaging should clearly explain the unique selling propositions (USPs) and myriad advantages of your solution to everyone participating in purchasing process. Sometimes, that just isn’t achieved.

Fail 1 - The “too-broad” B2B messaging

General marketing blah-blah is not appreciated. Technology products are very rarely designed for general use, and the more specific you message to your personas, the better. Messaging must make it immediately apparent who benefits from your product and how.

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Topics: Persona, Customer communications, Message, Messaging, B2B

Strengthen Connections with ABM

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Mar 31, 2024 11:56:16 AM

Taking an account-based marketing (ABM) approach pinpoints your focus on a few high-opportunity, high-value accounts who are more likely to pay attention to your communications because they actually need your product and have the budget for it.

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Topics: Marketing, Inbound marketing, Messaging, PR, Account-based marketing, Sales, ABM

Creating the Perfect Combination of Account-based & Inbound Marketing

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Mar 26, 2024 12:32:00 PM

At first glance, account-based marketing (ABM) and inbound seem like polar opposites: ABM focuses on decision makers within particular enterprises and engages them with personalized communication. Inbound marketing takes a more expansive approach, attracting customers to products and services by creating valuable content.

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Topics: Marketing, Inbound marketing, Messaging, PR, Account-based marketing, Sales, ABM

How to Overcome the Five Barriers to Sales & Marketing Alignment

Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Mar 5, 2024 5:42:00 PM

Build up ABM success by bringing down the silos

Not all prospects give you the best fit or highest value for your solution - thus, the ever-increasing adoption of account-based marketing. Approximately 92 percent of B2B marketers consider ABM a critical component of their marketing efforts; and 87 percent of ROI-measuring marketers say that ABM tops all other marketing investments.

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Topics: Marketing, Inbound marketing, Messaging, PR, Account-based marketing, Sales, ABM

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