Content Marketers: Why Hiring a Consultant Beats DIY Any Day

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Jun 19, 2023 10:00:00 AM

Content-ImageLet’s just cut to the chase: Never put DIY and content marketing in the same sentence.

With the advent of generative AI, content is becoming even more and more ubiquitous. The problem is creating meaningful content that truly reflects what your customers need and desire.

To move beyond AI-generated "lowest-common-denominator" content, it's time to see where professionals can take you.

Why DIY content marketing does not work

DIY works when you want to save on wedding invitations, practice bookshelf-building skills, or start a tie-dyed t-shirt business. Overseeing the content creation process - with multiple channels to be leveraged, well-written content to be optimized for high search rankings, social media to be managed, blogs to be posted for maximum engagement, and custom-tailored messages to be created - is a job for trained professionals, not in-house employees constricted by budget, time, and lack of experience. Even with a team of your own in-house writers, designers, and social media managers, you just might end spending more resources and bearing a greater burden (employee benefit packages, etc.) than if you outsource your content marketing needs to a professional consultant.

Why it makes sense to hire a content marketing consultant

A content marketing consultant develops your content marketing strategy and creates SEO-powered content that’s cohesive, targeted, and designed to increase web traffic, generate signups, bring people into your physical or online store, or any meet other objective you may have. These pros oversee the entire process and relieve you of day-to-day worries related to content marketing.

Hiring a consultant lets you:

  • Focus on your core responsibilities rather than steal time (and possibly decrease sales numbers) by doing half-baked DIY content marketing
  • Takes advantage of qualified experts rather than risk failure with hit-and-miss DIY efforts
  • Access an almost bottomless well of fresh, meaningful, and valuable content ideas rather than running out of ideas quickly by doing all the thinking yourself
  • Better understand the power of email and how to optimize email subject lines and content
  • Deliver targeted, share-worthy messages for each unique social media channel
  • Decide where to focus your efforts and develop high quality, engaging content through the various customer touch points
  • Get help in understanding your buyer/audience and developing highly detailed personas critical to effective content marketing
  • Learn where and when to post your content so your target audience finds you online
  • Keep track of your content marketing goals while you focus on serving you customers and growing your business
  • Save money by hiring a consultant on a retainer, making them a regular member of your team, or per project basis

If you still think that maintaining top-of-mind awareness for your solution and generating leads and repeat business via blogs, videos, infographics, case studies, e-books, white papers, and other types of content marketing is NO big deal and can be handled in-house, the realities above – or trying it yourself – may well change your mind.

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