The What and How of Sales Enablement Content

Posted by Shani Eichler Delouya on Feb 26, 2024 12:57:00 PM

Sales Process on the Metal Gears on Black Background.Imagine trying to write code without a computer.

Nearly impossible, right?

When it comes to software, we understand the needs of our developers. Enormous budgets and teams are dedicated to making sure developers have everything they need to create the best software possible, but all that is moot without anyone to sell it. 

Too often, sales and marketing teams are pushed to the backburner and seen as second tier. Their needs are ignored, their budgets are cut, and then their strategies fall short. Failing to connect the lack of resources with the lack of results leaves companies scrambling to find ways to both generate leads and convert them into buyers. 

What Can Be Done?

Sales enablement content refers to the materials, resources, and tools companies use to sell more effectively. By providing sales teams with messaging, case studies, training materials, presentation templates, and product collateral, sales representatives are in a better position to present the company's products and services. Additionally, these resources help sales teams to address any objections or questions that prospects may have.

Sales enablement content helps sales teams to be more efficient and stay up-to-date with the latest product information and messaging. 

This content is born out of a partnership between the sales and marketing teams. Marketing provides sales with the resources they need to address potential buyers' concerns, and sales guides marketing towards the type of content that needs to be created. 

How Is It Made?

The first step to creating useful sales enablement content is collecting data - lots of it, as the data drives the strategy.

To gather useful and relevant information make sure your sales and marketing teams follow the steps below:

Standardize reporting - This refers to the process of using a consistent format, layout, and set of metrics when creating and presenting reports. This can include using the same templates, data sources, and calculation methods. The goal of standardized reporting is to ensure that all reports are consistent in format and content, and they can be easily understood and compared.

Review the sales process - By identifying what parts of the process still need to be developed and improved, (e.g. if you are booking multiple calls a week but failing to close any deals), companies will have an easier time knowing which resources need to be created to facilitate closing. 

Qualify leads - Determine the level of a potential customer's interest and readiness to purchase your product or service. The goal of lead qualification is to identify the most promising leads and prioritize them for follow-up by sales representatives. 

Sales enablement content empowers sales teams, improves sales performance, increases efficiency, aligns sales and marketing teams, improves scalability, and provides insights. By ensuring sales teams are more informed and prepared, sales results improve, company revenue increases, and customer satisfaction goes up. This, in turn results in an increased number of brand advocates. 

Promote open communication between your sales and marketing teams, and watch your sales trend ever upward.

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