What Business May Look Like in the Post-COVID-19 World

Posted by Amy Kenigsberg on Jun 4, 2020 2:05:00 PM

K2 Global Communications has been working with Israeli technology companies for more than 15 years. As such, we have a good overall perspective on the key industries and players in the Israeli ecosystem.

However, nothing short of binge-watching sci-fi flicks or a deep dive of old WHO/CDC recommendations could have prepared us for this.

Before COVID-19, cybersecurity was flourishing. It is an absolutely essential industry to protect both corporations and individuals, an evergreen, if you will. Now, with the increase in remote workers, the opportunities have increased significantly – for both cybersec companies and cybercriminals. After all, cybercriminals are long accustomed to working remotely, in their pajamas. No problem there.

Threats, and companies positioned to secure your environments

Many of the latest threats focus on Zoom. Furthermore, the increase in remote workers who have IoT devices creates significant vulnerabilities for the enterprises for which they work. Companies like Cyberint, which provides threat detection and response services for digital businesses, and SigmaDots, which provides multifaceted IoT security for both OEMs and aftermarket are well positioned for growth in the post-coronavirus world.

Companies in the development security space, like Cyber Armor, will see continued steady interest, as every type of business is going to need to ensure code security, no matter the state of the market.

The only areas in which cybersecurity companies have seen a significant slowdown are manufacturing and automotive security.


For many people, the morning commute may remain a thing of the past, at least part time, as work from home (WFH) increasingly becomes the new reality. Cubed Mobile transforms one mobile into two, encapsulating an entire business smartphone in a super-app. Companies can create a siloed, secure mobile workspace with individual phone numbers in minutes on any employee’s phone, with comprehensive security.


The latest satellite footage from the European Space Agency shows a significant drop in air pollution because of fewer factories in production and fewer cars on the road.

Empirical evidence like this makes a clear case for growth in greentech in a post-COVID-19 world. Companies like Driivz, which provides EV charging infrastructure, an already burgeoning industry, will see an increase in opportunities.

Medical Applications

It goes without saying that many healthcare-related technologies are experiencing growth right now. In the post-COVID-19 world, companies like Air Doctor, which connects travelers to network of pre-qualified, high quality, private physicians who are skilled at treating non-emergency conditions, will be demanded by travelers, travel insurance, mobile roaming, and credit card company clients to deliver peace of mind and added profits.

Ad Tech

Based on the fact that many news organizations are going to skeleton staffs because of the plummeting ad revenue, ad tech is going to be one of the more vulnerable industries. As the broker between advertising and publishers, the sheer drop in advertising volume means that their share of the spread is going to plummet. Only the strongest players will survive.

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Looking to the Future

The world is in transition. Beyond the gradual reopening of surviving businesses, it’s impossible to fully prepare for whatever the new normal will be. All we can do is recognize and embrace prevailing trends and knowledge, and roll with them as they morph.

For businesses that do want to survive and thrive in the future, they need to take steps now. Please download our guide to Communications in a COVID-19 World.

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