Top 10 Reasons for B2B PR

Posted by Amy Kenigsberg on Aug 8, 2023 1:38:00 PM

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  1. Build brand awareness: No one buys from an unknown company
  2. Increase product value: Third-party endorsement increases the value of your solution
  3. Increases exposure to potential customers
  4. Reach influencers who have the power to persuade potential customers to buy
  5. Increases value of the company itself: Investors and potential buyers need to know who you are
  6. Reinforce positive buying experience with existing customers
  7. Educate the market – Explain why you have/are the best
  8. Share expertise – Impart valuable information to the marketplace that benefits everyone
  9. Increase critical mass
  10. Reach potential employees – Who would work for a company they’ve never heard of?

Topics: Customer communications, B2B, B2X

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