The Path to Sales Enablement Content & Personalization

Posted by Amy Kenigsberg on Jan 16, 2024 12:45:00 PM

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 Generating leads is only half the battle. The other half is closing those deals.

With so many different vendors ups and solutions, your sales process must stand out. Providing clear, consistent, and concise sales-enablement content can help you close more deals.

Sales enablement content refers to any content that assists sales teams in their selling process, such as critical messaging, scripts, and training materials to ensure your reps are on the same page, and case studies, written and video testimonials, demos, and data that provide potential buyers with social proof.

The benefits of sales enablement content are many:
  • Consistent messaging - Sales enablement content helps keep marketing and sales teams on the same page, ensuring consistent messaging and representation across all channels.
  • Improved performance - The more your sales team knows, the better they sell. Content that provides sales reps with a deep understanding of the solution can translate into increased sales.
  • Improved customer experience - When sales reps are more knowledgeable, customers have a more seamless experience because the sales reps can confidently address more of their concerns.
  • Efficiency - Maximize the value of sales resources and increase ROI by providing sales reps with the critical information they need to work more efficiently.
  • Customer retention - The sales teams’ increased efficiency and knowledge helps keep clients satisfied and strengthens long-term customer retention.
  • Increased morale - Everyone likes to do a good job. When sales teams have the appropriate resources and results, their morale – and satisfaction - go up.

The next step: personalizing your process

 Picture this: you’re a sales rep selling AI facial recognition software. Most of your leads are government officials, so you already know all the right jargon and buzzwords when it comes to selling to cities. However, every now and again, a tech company will call: “We want to use facial recognition in our cybersecurity.”

Without proper knowledge about how authentication differentiates from surveillance, you can’t answer her questions. You're selling the same product, but for a completely different use, and with no strategy for how to approach different personas and use cases - you’re stuck! 

Your sales enablement content should be tailored specific customer needs. Different customers have different pain points, and personalizing the sales process to each persona’s specific need will help drive sales and close deals - testimonials for “Worried Walters” and step-by-step demos for “Techy Tanyas.”

How to personalize 

After identifying your target audience and building personas, you need to ensure you have sales enablement content for each type of potential customer. 
  • Customize: Your messaging, scripts, language, and terminology should be customized to fit the style of the persona you’re interacting with. Highlight the challenges that persona is likely to face, focusing on your solutions most likely to resonate with them. 
  • Relevance: Not all case studies are created equally. It’s important to gather details and examples that work for the full spectrum of your clients. 
  • Reach: How you reach each persona is also important. Different personas frequent different social channels. It’s critical to find the right ones.
  •  Diversification: Some potential clients may prefer short blogs, while others may want to see all the information consolidated into an eBook.
  • Personalization: Make sure all follow-up material is personalized. A standard email may keep you in their inbox, but a name with content that directly addresses their pain point will more likely keep you top of mind. 

Having different types of content - webinar, eBook, white paper, social posts, blogs - each persona can access the preferred material. This also helps attract diverse types of customers across the various stages of their buyers’ journeys.

Getting started 

It’s not always easy to recognize which sales content is most important for your company. K2 works together with you to discover what your company needs and how it needs it. Identifying your personas is only half the battle. Next, you need to understand who to approach, when.

 K2 works alongside you to identify the best strategy for driving leads, ensuring you’re well equipped to handle any comment, question or concern. We make sure you know how to provide each customer an engaging and personalized experience, leading to a better experience and more fruitful results.

Together we can create the sales enablement content your representatives need to succeed. 

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