Maximize Inbound Marketing with an External Team

Posted by Amy Kenigsberg on Apr 26, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Inbound Marketing - Red Words on White Desktop Calendar Isolated on Gray Background.You can have it all, just not at the same time, or so it seems. Your SEO expert is amazing but your writing team doesn’t have the time to create all the needed content nor create all the content and  landing pages. Your social media team has created comprehensive promotional campaigns but is falling behind on curating the objective content necessary to please your target audiences.

Sometimes, all the cylinders fire correctly, other times, well…

A simple answer: make it someone else’s problem. This translates to hiring an agency to make sure everything happens as it should, whether it’s supplementing your teams’ efforts, filling in the gaps where they just don’t have the time or expertise, or outsourcing and consolidating the process under one roof.

Hiring an agency can

  • Reduce overhead costs – Unless you plan on overburdening your team, you’ll need additional staff. An in-house team of marketers require training, access to the latest technology, analytical data, and premium-level services, along with myriad employee benefits in addition to salary.
  • Increase productivity – Inbound marketing is labor intensive. Why not let your employees focus on their jobs instead having to learn new software and take on additional tasks?
  • Maximize value - Partnering with an agency delivers an entire team of strategists, content writers, designers, social media mavens, SEO experts, and more. It also affords you “outside eyes,” people with perspective outside your corporate culture.
  • Streamline budgeting - An experienced inbound agency keeps your marketing efforts organized and focuses your spending only on platforms and strategies that are tested. At the same time, working hand-in-glove with an agency and their analytics helps you maximize resources to support your marketing efforts.

Saving money and time as you drive sales leads to your team are among the glaring advantages of partnering with an inbound marketing agency. When you’re ready to make that choice, make sure you choose one that’s going to be a strategic partner and not just a vendor.

K2 Global Communications, a premier American-run and Israeli-based boutique B-to-B inbound-marketing, public relations, and customer-communications company has the experience and skills to bring your inbound efforts to fruition. K2 works with clients across industries and geographies, from AI to IoT and from security to storage, across North America to the EU. Get in touch to learn how we can partner for your inbound marketing success.

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