B2C Lead Generation: How to Successfully Hook and Hold Your Consumers

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Jun 26, 2023 12:46:00 PM

Social Commerce on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.Consumers are overwhelmed with offers – WhatsApp ads, retargeting, Facebook and LinkedIn ads, text messages, and some even still watch TV and listen to the radio. In today’s super-competitive climate, if you want to get prospects’ attention and money, you’ll need to hook them with highly targeted messages wrapped in something:

  • Exciting
  • Relevant
  • Personalized
  • Innovative
  • Interesting
  • Curiosity-piquing
  • Relationship-cultivating
  • Truly valuable

B2C involves shorter sales cycles and emotion-based decision making so here are seven ways to focus your lead-generation strategy to result in more conversions and sales:

Ask the right questions – Be sure to know who you want to target/attract to generate the right traffic – even if you are selling a mass market consumer product, you must narrow down your target audience. Understand where your prospects are and their preferred type of communication (email, online chat, social media) that will lead them to your website. Know what keywords they use when looking for solutions relevant to your business, social media they follow, etc. Determine what type of content will drive potential buyers to your website. Taking all of this into account will provide the best opportunity to collect contact information.

Make it visual - Not only does visual learning increase one’s ability to remember facts and retain learning, a YouTube post or funny video are infinitely more stimulating, appealing, and easier to digest than content. Make sure your videos enlighten as well as entertain so the viewer can clearly recognize the value of your product or service.

Make it interactive - Engaging the customer boosts your leads. Leverage digital lead-generation techniques like quizzes, web and mobile games, immersive VR experiences, and interactive calculators. The calculators take user input to generate numerical results that allow you to deliver specific solutions for individual customer pain points.


Combine email and social media marketing - Harness the power of both your social followers and e-newsletter subscribers. Include social sharing buttons on your emails and e-newsletters so your readers can share the content with their friends and asking your social followers to subscribe to your email list access more content.

Make your website a lead-gen tool - Make sure it stays aligned to your prospects’ buyer’s journey stage and interests, offers fast loading times and easy navigation, and is very responsive - all in the service of providing quality customer experiences for both desktop and smartphone users.

Remember that content is still king - A foolproof, airtight content strategy - highly polished, personalized, informative, targeted, engaging, and SEO-rich blogs, social posts, videos, and emails - is the best way to stand apart in an overcrowded market. Achieve top-of-Google-search-page visibility, thought leadership, and credibility as a resource for customer needs.

Optimize landing pages - Don’t gild the lily. Simplicity and minimal but attractive design are everything you need. Include only the logo, brand name, problem, and the solution you are offering, value, and any trust-generating guarantees. Make sure each landing page is specific, not generic, even if you must create multiple landing pages, and that it connects with the site visitor in seconds.

 The rise of big data and social media has changed the way marketers attract and convert leads. To influence prospective customers to engage with your business, you need to delve into your customers’ motivations, act to gain their trust, and then use the resources and technologies at your disposal to win them over. 

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