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With years of marketing, advertising and PR writing experience in New York and Israel, Consuelo provides an international perspective in communicating technologies. When not writing or blogging, she loves to travel, explore markets and art galleries, and experiment with interior design. Consuelo holds a bachelor’s degree in both English and fine arts.
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Getting the Most from Your PR Team

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Jun 12, 2023 9:35:40 AM

So, you are getting ready to hire your PR team. (We're hoping it's us, of course.) No matter what, here are some tips that will help maximize the relationship.

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Topics: Public relations, Journalist, News value, Press coverage, Content marketing

Press Releases and the KISS Principle

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on May 16, 2023 5:51:00 PM

The past decade has seen a clear trend toward attenuated press releases. Gone are the days of public relations people writing long screeds, with endless quotes and reams of data. This is partially an outgrowth of the use of email, social media, and chat as the preferred forms of communication between the public relations community and the press (which, for our purposes, includes bloggers and analysts). The explosion of technologies and information, in general, has, in turn, led to journalists’ exploding email boxes.

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Topics: Public relations, Journalist, DIY, Press release, Media coverage, Media

Industry Analysts: Five Important Ways They Influence Your Customers

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Apr 26, 2023 6:30:00 AM

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Why it’s time to create a winning analyst relations program

Open your marketing toolbox, and you’ll see a whole range of weaponry with which to conquer your market. From advertising and public relations to sales promotions and sponsorships, these tools are tried-and-proven elements of every selling effort.

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Topics: Analyst, Analyst relations, Brand

Keep Top Influencers on Your Side

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Apr 19, 2023 12:08:00 PM

Run Smooth-as-Silk Analyst Briefings

Analysts are undeniably one of today’s top enterprise influencer groups - providing value with their finger on the pulse on the market, understanding of customer needs and pain points, and ability to advise clients which vendor and solutions to consider.

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Topics: Analyst, Analyst relations, Messaging

Is Your Story News - or Not?

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Mar 2, 2023 5:43:00 PM

Whether your story is truly newsworthy and worthy of press coverage isn’t just your call.

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Topics: Journalist, News story, News value, Timeliness, Press coverage, Local story

Protect Brand Reputation from Social-media Fallout

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Jan 31, 2023 4:49:00 PM

Social media has major impact – delivering increased customer engagement, free publicity, cost-effective public relations, enhanced brand awareness, stronger credibility, thought leadership-building opportunities.

Social media gives you more control over your brand image and reputation – and less.

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Topics: Content marketing, Social media, Brand, Customer communications, LinkedIn, Marketing qualified leads (MQL), Sales qualified leads (SQL), Twitter/X, YouTube, Facebook, Reputation

Get Noticed by the Right People - Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Jan 5, 2023 3:37:00 PM



LinkedIn is one of the most fertile grounds for career and business growth. It’s your opportunity to get noticed by recruiters hunting for talent, colleagues looking to connect, or businesses seeking potential partners.

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Topics: Social media, LinkedIn

Excess Trade Show Funds? Roll Them Over to Your PESO Campaign

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Oct 26, 2021 2:47:00 PM



Smartest way to reinvest COVID-impacted trade show budgets

COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn has caused trade shows to disappear from the marketing horizon. Yes – many shows have gone online, but a virtual booth just doesn’t require the same investment.

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Topics: Journalist, Press coverage, Content marketing, Content, Marketing, Metrics, Social media, Brand, Audience, Corporate communications, Client relations, PESO, Earned media, Shared media, Owned media

K2 Global Communications is Leading Agency on!

Posted by Consuelo Reinberg on Jul 2, 2019 2:24:23 PM
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Topics: Public relations, Marketing, Award, PR, Review, Internal communications, Corporate communications

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