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Posted by Larry Kenigsberg on Aug 1, 2023 4:00:00 PM

Why K2.jpgAs Americans running a 360o customer communication firm in Israel, we occasionally encounter Israeli companies who only want to hire a firm based in America, and generally, the larger the better. While some of this will read as a commercial, it’s born of a pet peeve that exceeds even my capacity for irony.

The prevailing assumption is that geographic proximity is important. The truth is, today, the notion that a firm has to be located in Boston or Silicon Valley is simply wrong.

Perhaps 15 years ago, this may have been relevant. However, most outreach is now done by email and to a far lesser extent by telephone. Gone are the days of “bonding” over three martini lunches.

With current economic realities, most journalists and bloggers are freelancers working from home, writing for multiple publications. In-person media tours are largely a thing of the past, as these journalists don’t have time to take three hours away from their offices. A 30-minute phone call is about as much time as you can expect from the modern journalist.

Even most analysts are now home-based, and an analyst tour consists of a few office visits with the majors only – Gartner, Forrester, etc.

Trade show media relations is the only time journalists – and not even all of them (the freelancers cannot afford to travel) – are seen in public. Hiring an America-based agency for a once-per-year event doesn’t make economic sense.

The desire to hire an American-based firm is also counterintuitive since budget is often a primary concern, and American rates are several times higher than what Israeli-based service providers charge.

Consider the context: K2’s team is native born Americans with master’s degrees from major American universities. We bring a combined 50+ years of experience, along with American-level service standards.

Plus, working with a “boutique” agency has clear advantages. You’re always working with senior management. We don’t pass you along to junior staff or interns. The relationships we develop and nurture with journalists, bloggers and analysts remain intact, in perpetuity, to your benefit. We also have an American phone number, so our calls are returned.

Finally, working with an agency based in Israel provides global coverage. We’re speaking with Asians in the morning and Californians at night. Most American firms don’t provide the international reach we can.

Makes common sense, doesn’t it? Give us a call today to discover how we can help.

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