Capturing Leads Through Sales Enablement Content

Posted by Shani Eichler Delouya on Feb 1, 2024 9:30:00 AM

Closeup portrait super happy excited successful young business woman holding money dollar bills in hand isolated grey wall background. Positive emotion facial expression feeling. Financial rewardSalesperson Brandon started a new job at a cybersecurity start-up called Bait, protecting organizations from ransomware. Two months into the job and he is struggling to close deals.

“I don’t know what to do when they voice concerns,” Brandon explains. “It’s like I have nothing to say.”

Brandon’s boss is confused. “Just answer their questions.”

That isn’t enough..

Buyers are looking for information that will help them feel more comfortable with their purchasing decision: testimonials, expert opinions, pricing guidelines. When Brandon can’t provide them that, they lose trust, and Brandon isn’t able to convert leads into customers.

Buyers need to be shown the value the product gives them, not simply told.

What is Sales Enablement Content?

In short, it is any form of content used in the sales process.

Sales enablement content clearly demonstrates buyer benefits, exemplifying the value clients will receive from the solution, and directly addresses their concerns - ultimately leading to closed deals.

By mapping the customer journey, organizations are able to recognize key points and areas of clarification and create content to address those concerns. Product explainer videos, case studies, and one-pagers are just a few examples of the types of content used to help prospects along in their buyer journey.

The Content Itself

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to creating sales enablement content. If anything, it is the opposite. Identifying your buyers' concerns, collecting insights from past successful sales, and mapping out your customers journey will all help you decide which type of content you need to create to sell better.

Your sales team holds a plethora of information on what issues your prospective buyers face, and your existing customers are the best source for identifying potential concerns. Short polls and surveys are a great way to gather information that you can begin applying to your content strategy.

Reuse, Recycle

Jumping head first into a new strategy and content plan can feel daunting, but don’t worry, there is good news. As long as you already have a marketing plan in place, some content you’ve previously created should be easily transferable. While the two strategies may be different, their paths definitely overlap.

Reusing your marketing content doesn’t replace the research and content creation you need to do for sales enablement, but it will help you ease into the process by not having to start from zero.

A Couple of Examples

  • Landing pages and data sheets: Both landing pages and the downloadables on those pages can be a great resource for potential clients. They summarize, explain, promote, and provide data for the client to peruse. Additionally, they are a way for your company to gather data on those interested in your product, adding them into the sales funnel.

  • Newsletters: For information on company culture, values, and relevant news and updates, potential clients may appreciate a peak at your newsletter. This can help them understand where your interests lie to make sure they align.

  • Case studies: K2 has a range of case studies demonstrating the value its clients have received from targeted sales enablement content, PR, inbound marketing, and social media services.

How K2 Can Help

Content strategies should be flexible, adjustable, and actionable. K2 has more than 17 years of experience guiding companies - from startups to well-established veterans - through successful marketing strategies and tactics, leveraging content to drive the highest quality - and most profitable - outcomes.

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