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Posted by Amy Kenigsberg on Jul 10, 2023 10:45:00 AM


Analyze This.jpgGenerally, when K2 suggests you speak with an analyst, it isn’t because of your psychological issues.  

The role of the analyst is to gather information on similar, competing, and complementary technologies, synthesize the information, and provide a clear recommendation to clients.

We generally recommend that companies brief analysts at least twice a year.

Some analysts require quid pro quo for briefings – I’ll talk to you if you buy $X worth of my services. Generally, we don’t speak to that kind of analysts.

While we do expect analysts to provide their sales pitch at some point during the conversation, the purpose of the discussion is for our clients to share information with the analyst about their product/technology/solution.

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Of course, our work with analysts also fits into our niche philosophy. In addition to speaking with the major analyst groups: Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, we’ll find the analysts who are “on the ground” in your industry. While they may not have the volume of clients you’ll find at the larger firms, they speak to your clients.

Truly objective analysts – whose clients only pay a fee for data – can provide extremely profitable third-party endorsement of your technology. They write their reports with your customer in mind. Their reports provide an overall analysis of the industry as it exists and highlight specific technologies that help the industry overcome their challenges. Of course, we know that your technology is the best, most cost-effective way for them to get results.

And they will tell their clients so.

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